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About Us

ULW Cleaning and Janitorial Services, INC. is a company that was brought about in memory of my grandfather, Udell L. Willis. He passed December 2013. And he was the Matriarch of the family. The intentions of ULW is to assist with the everyday cleanup of small businesses or companies who desire clean environments but physically do not have time to clean themselves because of the everyday work that their company does.

The ULW Cleaning & Janitorial Services, INC’s mission is to provide customers with all commercial cleaning services in an environmentally sound, completely trustworthy, and professionally expedited manner. We exist to attract and maintain customers and their businesses. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else that we do will fall into place. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers by far.

We Live by Our Core Values

They’re not philosophical. It’s how we do business.

Every employee at ULW knows them and puts them into action every day.


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