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Our Staff

Adrienne Hunter

President and Chief Executive Officer


Adrienne is the visionary leader guiding ULW Cleaning and Janitorial Services, INC to success. Prior to the development of ULW, she obtained her MBA in Finance and Business Administration from Colorado Technical University at Aurora, CO, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Kaplan University of Nebraska at Omaha.  She has obtained her Associates and Paralegal degrees in Criminal Justice.  It is this same drive that pushed her to found ULW, along with her passion for keeping things clean and in order.  


TuRon Dixon

Vice- President and Chief Operations Officer


TuRon is of sound judgment and experience. He will be working closely with the post-construction site cleanup team so that he can apply his more than 15 years of on-site experience into the everyday tasks of the construction world. His in-depth knowledge and combined years of experience & education are the on-site success with our construction and janitorial clients.


Glenda Clark

Secretary and Marketing/ PR Manager


Glenda is a detailed and enthusiastic leader and addition to our team.  She will make sure any gaps are closed when it comes to accounts as well as recording and communicating thoroughly.  Her education and more than 10 years of management and marketing experience are indeed an asset to ensure high quality company branding and standards.


Alicia Bonds

Treasurer and Accounts Administrator


Alicia is one of our most hardworking, dedicated team members, in which we believe stems from her strong core values as a single mother of three beautiful children.  She is always available to help clients as well as continuously extending an open arm to those in need in her everyday life as much as she can.  This passion helps our clients understand that we are truly on their side and ultimately all want the cleanest, most presentable location possible.  

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