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ULW Cleaning and Janitorial Services, INC. is a company that was brought about in memory of my grandfather, Udell L. Willis. He passed December 2013. And he was the Matriarch of the family. The intentions of ULW is to assist with the everyday cleanup of small businesses or companies who desire clean environments but physically do not have time to clean themselves because of the everyday work that their company does. We live by our Core Values, which are; Respect, Integrity, Collaboration, and Innovation.

At ULW, we recognize that the highest level of customer service is the key to success in the commercial cleaning industry. We know that we are here to serve and take pride in what we do. Our customers are our most valuable possession. As a general cleaning service provider, we strive to meet your needs in the most efficient, professional manner possible.

Our primary goal is to bring a new level of professionalism into the commercial cleaning industry that ultimately becomes the new standard. At its core, professionalism in the commercial cleaning industry is meeting our client’s expectation and affirming that we can provide any service their building needs at a quality level that is unmatched by our competitors. From our sales account managers, to our crews, to our work, ULW Cleaning and Janitorial Services, INC, strives to set the bar with our professional approach in the Denver Metro area. Our hope is to earn your business in Denver, Colorado by setting the standard for professional custodial services.


Our staff is trained in the use of innovative green cleaning technologies and chemicals, and we assure the quality of our work by conducting periodic inspections and regular training.  We can help any company or business incorporate environmental awareness into business practices which allows differentiation of your business in the eyes of customers, prospects and employees.  Our team is available 24/7 for emergencies and to work with you on special projects.  Best of all, ULW can meet or beat the rates of traditional (non-green) cleaning services.


ULW believes that in order to stay competitive, we must continually anticipate change.  We are determined to remain on the cutting edge of our industry.  We believe there is always a better, less expensive, more productive, more consistent way of providing our service.  We also believe that consistent quality involves anticipating and preventing mistakes rather than just inspecting them after they happen.

We recognize that our training program plays an important part in error prevention, important enough to fund a Training and Employee Relations Manager to teach and organize our comprehensive training programs. ULW is committed to a Total Quality culture.  We realize that effective quality control begins with training, is solidified through good management practices, and flourishes through inspection and corrective measures. 

It is our philosophy to measure quality often to help assure a consistently high standard of service.  Therefore we propose three methods of measurement:

  • Nightly inspections by our lead cleaning personnel.  

  • Frequent inspections by the full-time Area Supervisor.  These occur during the cleaning process and after the cleaning process. 

  • Daily client communication either verbally or through the communications log. 

  • Formal written inspections are performed once per month with results tracked by ULW Cleaning and Janitorial Services, INC.  

  • Formal walk-through inspections conducted once per week by our Area Manager.  When possible this walk-through should also include conversations with key building contacts to assure good communication. 

  • Formal written inspections are performed once per month with results tracked by ULW Cleaning and Janitorial Services, INC.


A green clean is a healthier, more environmentally friendly clean. The ULW team will maintain your facility employing the latest green techniques and technology, so you can sleep sounder and breathe easier in the years to come. ULW Cleaning and Janitorial Services, INC, provides high quality, green janitorial services for offices and businesses in the Denver Metro Area.  In addition to full service janitorial programs, we also provide interior and exterior commercial window cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, and post-construction cleaning services.  We look forward to serving you.

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